While on the one hand, the Delhi Metro has made it easier for daily commuters to commute on the other, it has made it much easier for foodies who virtually spill out of the trains into delicious food hubs, serving mouth watering specialities.

This is our guide then for the commuting foodies:

1. Rajiv Chowk

Well that name says it all. If you have ever been to Rajiv Chowk or I should say C.P. you must have already noticed that after every 4th shop there’s a restaurant. Rajiv Chowk offers a great variety of food as not just the high class restaurants are there but a wide variety of street food is also waiting for you to taste it. Rajiv Chowk offers you a exceptional variety of restaurants to choose from, from famous “veg. tikkas and non-veg tikkas" of “Barbecue Nation” to the “pasta and tandoori platter” of “MOB”, all cuisines can be found here. Street food excels, and remains more within monetary graps, with “amritsari kulcha” of “Kulcha King” to the much famous “ginger chai” of “Chai Point”, it is all so delicious. From an over the top chinese dish in a 5 star restaurant to the iconic creamy milkshakes of “Keventers, Rajiv Chowk has every thing a foodie can ever imagine and is thus the ultimate foodie destination.

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2. Chawri Bazar & Chandni Chowk

You must be wondering why I have mentioned both together, right? Well it’s not just because these 2 stations are in a row but a foodie can never imagine coming to Chawri Bazar and not going to Chandni Chowk to taste that mouth-watering street food. It would be like Pizza without Coca-Cola. Well these two places offer that street food which one cannot find anywhere on the planet and that’s the reason why it’s famous all over the world and tourists from around the world just can’t stop themselves from tasting it. From the “Dahi Bhalle” to the crispy “Jalebies” of Chawri Bazar to the much famous “Rabdi Falooda” and the world famous iconic “Paranthe” of Paranthe Wali Gali of Chandni Chowk. It’s the best place in the world if you really wanna taste street food with ‘culture’.

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3. Tilak Nagar

Named after the freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak, this place just gives you the freedom to try everything possible what the North Indian (Punjabi) dishes have to offer. From the high in fat Aloo Tikki to the little healthier and Tilak Nagar’s famous Fruit Chaat. Tilak Nagar offers a significant variety of food along with a large variety of restaurants so while it may seem from outside that they all are selling the same food but each tastes different from the other. An inonic dish of Tilak Nagar is something you can hardly find anywhere else and that is “Moth Kachori”. You gotta try this if you ever commute to Tilak Nagar.

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4. Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh, known for it’s shopping streets like Ghaffar Market and Ajmal Khan Road is a hub of traditional Indian food where you can find a vast variety of dishes from all around India, specially the Punjabi street food and snackand of course with those delicious sweets. But as always there is the Queen of all, and that is Kulfi that is worth jostling the crowds in the Metro for,

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5. Lajpat Nagar

Also known as Lion of Punjab and with it’s huge central market that excels in street food, this is a top favourite with foodies. And here it is all about “Momos”. But wait, not just that, Lajpat Nagar is also famous for it’s authentic Afghan food like “afghani roti”, “dumplings” which you can try from “Afghan Darbar Restaurant” or “Mazaar” two of the famous restaurants in the area. So next time when you go shopping to central market, don’t forget to buy a plate of “Momos” or sample the Afghan fare when you get out of the Metro station.

6. INA

So here comes the monster INA market and the nearby open-air food plaza, Dilli Haat which is on every foodies wish list. With hundred’s of food stalls INA is a favourite food destination not only for Indians but for people all around the world. From INA market, the Delhi style “Fried Burgers” and the delicious “Chaats”add to the belly perhaps, but generate happy hormones that it make all worth the while. Dilli Haat offers a huge variety of cuisines from all over India but you gotta try “The Rajasthani Thali” that brings its own to the street table.

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7. Janak Puri West

With District Center, West End Mall and Unity One Mall you can find hundreds of restaurants to choose from. District Center being the focus point as District Center not only offers great restaurant food but its mouth-watering street food is famous all over West Delhi, famous restaurants being “Berco’s” and “Bon Appetit”. From its “veg spring rolls” to “spicy momos" to the epic speciality of District Center “the hot chocolate pie” this place is a must stop for all Metro users.

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8. Saket

Saket holds the crown of the sweetest place in our list. Most popular here are the sweet shops, bakery shops and dessert and ice cream parlors with the belgium chocolate and blueberry cheesecake” from “Niice Cream”, known for its variety of Doughnuts “Krispy Kreme”, making this stop super sweet.

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9. Kamla Nagar

One of Delhi’s major shopping destinations, Kamla Nagar is known for its local food joints all over Delhi. Much like any other place, Kamla Nagar offers hundreds of street food varieties with the famous being “Pav Bhaji” and “Momos”. But that’s not it, you’ll have to wait for at least 15-20 minutes in line to have your hands on the well-known Kamla Nagar special “Chole Bhature” and “Chole Kulche” from “Chacha Di Hatti”. So if you’re in Kamla Nagar you can’t afford to miss these 2 dishes.

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10. Rajouri Garden

Just a few steps away from becoming the food paradise of Delhi, Rajouri Garden is exactly what comes to our mind when we think of perfect restaurants with best quality of food and ambience. What really attracts the foodies attention here is the different theme styled restaurantswith “National Highway 44”, “The California Boulevard”, “Lights Camera Action”, “Lords of the Drinks Chamber”, “IKKA- The Ace Bar”competing hard for the top space. Rajouri Garden also offers it own street food, a wide variety that encapsulates all of Delhi. So if you’re fed up with those traditional old restaurants that just offer those age old dishes, Rajouri Garden is the perfect place for you.

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