I am angry… I am sad… I am disillusioned. I have no faith in our Government at all… Not one iota. They have let the citizens of this country down yesterday – and not for the first time, let me reiterate. What happened in Panchkula and thereafter is beyond disbelief. As a resident of Panchkula, I am anguished… I am distressed and I want to hit out at our ruling parties vehemently.

Were these clowns in power elected for us to see such days? We never learn lessons from the past… We never improve and we never move forward. The aftermath of the court’s decision yesterday has taken us back by decades in one shot. We have regressed and we have shown ourselves poorly to the world.

I am not one to cry easily but to see my Panchkula burning…the angry mobs…the violent followers of a heinous man was beyond tears. I was seething with anger and rage and a dull ache that still hasn’t gone away this morning.

A laid back city, Panchkula has curfew imposed there and in several other places after the situation spiralled out of control, with frenzied followers wreaking havoc on the streets, setting ablaze vehicles, buildings and railway stations and burning media vans.

So where is the PM… our ‘selfie’ obsessed, world travelling PM? Where is the CM? The man who is always missing at the need of the hour? He’s done this in the past and he’s doing it again. We have had enough of our Home Minister and his ‘Kadi Ninda’… We the citizens of Panchkula and around are disgusted.

Firstly, the VVIP treatment meted out to this charlatan disgusts me. He should have been brought to court like a hardened criminal in a police van and not driven in a fancy car with a 200 car escort! This is preposterous! And then later, flown out in a chopper!! Unbelievable! God save this country. He is one of the few VVIPs who enjoy Z+ security cover provided by the government of India. The Airport Authority of India has also listed him among dignitaries allowed to use reserved lounges at airports in the country. A rapist treated like a God???

Secondly, what were the police doing since the past week when hordes of followers of a rapist and no less could be seen setting up camp on pavements, parks and empty plots? How did they even allow that? They have ruined Panchkula and the parks by defecating in public spaces and destroying the beautiful city.

Thirdly, our PM time and again has shamed the armed forces, treated them badly and given them the third degree. And once again, it was the ARMY to the rescue… The police failed… The paramilitary forces who our PM thinks is top class – failed and were all seen running with their tails between their legs. Yes, let’s get the army in to save the situation…yet again and again and that is precisely what happened.

The political clout enjoyed by this goon – I refuse to take his name – and the fact that all governments have tried everything to save this criminal, self-styled god man because of his vote bank is shameful. Our political system has become helpless and rule of law is mocked year after year.

I am relieved to know that in the wake of large scale destruction by the mobs, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has ordered that the losses caused due to the violence will be recovered from the ‘dera’. I salute the judge for staying firm in his belief of delivering justice.

Of course, not one person has taken onus of what has happened…no one has owned up to the failures – Have they heard of moral turpitude for they all seem to be displaying it? Since, there has been loss of life and damage to property…let’s see heads roll… NOW!