Could it be a coincidence or a well-planned move by Kangana , the queen of controversies in Bollywood, that the controversies about her tryst with some of the heartthrobs of Bollywood high lighted by the media seem like starters for her latest film Simran where she is the heroine with some 'character flaws'.

As far we have known Kangana Ranaut we have to give her the benefit of doubt. She could not have planned the questions asked to her by different media personalities on different TV channels. And now it's open war with lines clearly drawn.

With Kangana demanding an open apology from those who have exploited her ever since she joined the film industry and people like Karan Johar who allegedly did not give her a role because she was not from a star family are fuming and foaming from the mouth.

But back to Simran. Kangana is now considered one of those heroines where the audience does not check about the hero just like in a Salman Khan film the heroine is not important. And incidentally, the three time National award winner has admitted she had refused to act in Sultan starring Salman because the heroine did not have much to do and she was not ready to sleep walk through the film.

In Simran Kangana , living in Atlanta plays a typical bad girl to the hilt, not by circumstances but by choice because she is addicted to gambling and stealing. As a 30 year old middle class divorcee Praful Patel could have easily lived the life decided by her Gujju parents, getting happily married and settling down to get over the sorrows of her divorce at the age of 25.

Not for her the artificial life of an arranged marriage. And when the goody goody prospective bride groom shows her that he is ready to accept her with all her warts she is not ready to take the plunge because Praful has taken on the persona of a free spirited Simran who would not take favours from anyone.

As she plunges deeper and deeper into the abyss of crime we don't know where this is going to end. Her troubles begin with her borrowing money to gamble from a mafia after she had lost the money she had been saving to buy her apartment.

Everything that can go wrong in La Vegas is on view as Simran goes on robbing bank after bank to pay back the mafia guys who appear from just anywhere and at every unexpected place to beat her black and blue and there' s no sign of any cops around to check them in the US of A.

It's a very harsh role for an Indian heroine but we have seen Kangana essaying such roles gloriously in the very beginning of her career in films like Gangster.

But there is a huge difference between Gangster and Simran. The difference is not only that of three national awards. It is the confidence that directors now have in her talent to carry a film on her frail shoulders single-handedly. From playing a gangster's moll in her earlier films where she was almost getting type cast today she is there in every frame and every time she appears on screen she lights the screen up.

This is supposed to be a film in the comedy genre, why no one knows.Unless we regard the caricatures of the US police officers who are robbed of all their cash by a hooded girl writing threatening messages using her lipstick.

When one of the bank mangers almost swoons at seeing a robber she offers him a glass of water telling him " Don't worry I will go to another bank."

The film is strictly for Kangana fans whose number is on the rise especially after Queen and Tanu weds Manu returns".The normal cine goers might cheated here because there is no counter foil to bring out her innate loneliness as she takes on the mafias and other crooks.

In a rare candour not seen in Hindi cinema she instinctively picks up a stool to hit her father when her slaps her.

Hansal Mehta has given her full chance to display her talent but somehow that full chance does not appear full enough.The storyline is a like an albatross around her neck which pulls her down even though the musical score is excellent.