What a jaw-dropping vaudeville performance on the global stage in the Trump vs Kim face-off!

It is open season for dire threats (thankfully empty so far) and colorful taunts. Both remain undaunted by the verbal salvos fired at each other and an on-going war of words continues apace. We have a high TRP political Reality Show bordering on surreality. Is this a trompe l’oeil (Trump l’oeil is more like it) or for real?

To the utter delight of the Twitterati and other social media, a whole manufacturing industry of jibes and jokes is flourishing online as a result of this Trump-Kim standoff. Mirror images of each other, the swagger and endless braggadocio could earn this strutting duo brownie points from Don Quixote himself. Their inflated egos hover over the world like an ominous mushroom cloud.

Trump and Kim seem to be dramatis personae in a Lewis Carroll tableau. They have shades of Tweedledum (Tweeter-dumb perhaps!) and Tweedledee in their clownish acts with a bit of Humpty-Dumpty thrown in for good measure,what with their fixation on walls.

Trump with the Mexican-wall spectre ‘pole-vaulted’ over the White-House walls and Kim the Korean is excoriating the Yanks counting on the Great Wall of China.

In this evolving tango both have honed the fine art of heaping vituperations on each other. (to give plain abuses a semantic gravitas!) Trump, wagging his finger, called Kim the ‘Little Rocket Man on a suicide mission’. Further embellishing the abuse, ‘Crooked Kim’ was called a ‘rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire.’

The riposte from Kim was equally toxic--- ‘I will surely and definitely tame the deranged US dotard with fire’. For a value-addition to this cuss-bank the Korean foreign minister used a proverb with great aplomb to deflect the ‘fast and furious’ attack from Trump. Nonchalantly saying :‘scaring us with the sound of a dog barking,that’s really a dog dream’.

The Nuclear Club is certainly riled at the temerity of Kim Jong-Un wanting to join this high-table.A bizarre scenario with sinister undertones is unfolding in front of our unbelieving eyes.If Kim with his dangerous toys, in a mad act unleashes his cache of lethal biological weapons, the phrase ‘a plague upon you’ will not remain a mere curse!

Both Trump and Kim need to shed their schoolyard bully persona and not go ballistic in their language and missiles.A huge responsibility rides on their shoulders. This may smack of levity but perhaps Donald could use the googly of ‘covfefe’ (an incomplete tweet posted by him against the American press recently)on Kim the Dim to keep him guessing. Jong-Un would certainly consider this a ‘wrong-un’. Who knows this bafflement might defuse the grave crisis? We are all waiting with bated breath for the denouement!