Prime Minister Narendra Modi as usual continues running our country with blinkers on… He has no idea about ‘on-ground’ reality or what the common man is going through. Completely ignoring the havoc the Karni Sena imbeciles are creating, he is only focussed on receiving the ASEAN leaders to show-case India as a peace-loving country. The hypocrisy of it all!

Modi’s pitch at Davos just blew up in his face… His BJP ruled states are in turmoil… There is a complete break-down of law and order. Firstly, the loathsome and disgusting Lakvi – the Karni Sena Chief needs to be arrested along with all his party members and secondly, the local police needs to wake up from the stupor they are in.

Time and again only one thing rings true… Why do we have a police system when they are unable to discharge their duties and fail in all respects? State governments should have cracked the whip a long time ago… They should have been prepared to deal with the goons…and come down heavily on the perpetrators.

Khattar and his government have failed not once…not twice but time and again… Yet Modi does nothing about it? Is his only priority dealing with ‘international’ matters and not look at what is happening within his country? The only thing he has done is saffronise every institution and allow every backward mind-set to run riot.

This is the ground reality: ‘A school bus was attacked in Gurgaon, a car was torched in Bhopal, a fringe outfit in UP declared a bounty on Deepika Padukone's nose and roads were blocked at many places as violence spread to several states a day ahead of the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Padmaavat'. Karni Sena members protesting the movie damaged two state roadways buses in Jaipur and blocked a road in the city's Kalwar area scores of activists were held in Mumbai and Nashik’.

Heads should be rolling… Those posing a threat to democracy and rule of the law should be given the harshest of punishments. Holding both state and civil society to ransom is shameful. All these private armies and ‘senas’ being allowed to run amok have to be dealt with firmly. They are springing up overnight which is a frightening scenario. Mostly made of disgruntled and unemployed youth, who are being misled with promises or being incited in the name of upholding their honour is quite a terrifying business. Worse, using them to disrupt civic life, destroy property, or issue threats is a blot on democracy.

The silence of those in power is chillinh. It is also a cold reminder that the rot has spread all over…the leaders have failed and the devils themselves are being allowed to roost.

I hope the ASEAN leaders get a first-hand view of how a movie has brought India to its knees… How such a ridiculous controversy is a planned and calculated move of the ruling political party to destroy the freedom to express… the freedom to watch or not watch a movie. The stark truth is that it is an attack on creative freedom and nothing else!

The Fundamental Rights of every Indian Citizen is being shaken.We live in difficult times.When will our political louts realise that they are stooping to the lowest level possible and destroying their own country?