SRINAGAR: Badam Vaer is a beautiful historical garden situated on the foothills on the Koh e Maaran mountain in Srinagar. As spring approaches, the garden transforms -- with the almond trees in full bloom providing a stunning backdrop.

Aaqib Hyder captures the beauty in photos.

It is tradition in Kashmir that as soon as spring approaches, families in and around Srinagar make their way to Badam Vaer.

The bloom of almond flowers heralds the advent of spring in Kashmir.

Children playing and enjoying the flowery aura in Badam vaer.

A temple overlooking the almond bloom in Badam vaer.

The garden laid out on 38 acres of land is a spring sensation for locals and tourists as well.

An almond tree in full bloom. A sight to behold!

A family having a happy time in the garden.

Also known as Bagh e Waris khan, Badam vaer has a rich historical and cultural significance. After being neglected for a considerable period of time, it was revived and thrown open to people in 2008.

Tourists cherishing the mesmerizing sight of almond blossoms.