This is a question that not one, not few but many are asking… There was worry setting in earlier but now there is a sense of panic… The country has been led down by the very government that promised that we would see only ‘Acche Din’ – forget even a tiny iota of ‘acche’… We are only seeing the crumbling of all that India stood for and meant… The last few years have divided our country and how – communal poisoning, cultural fissures and a religious divide that reeks of the lowest levels of depravity.

It is time to counter the methods being used by the present government in power that is weakening the institutional bases of democracy. If you have chosen to keep ‘yogis’ and other such ‘unholy’ men that are not only corrupt but lack scruples and rule without ethics in positions of power – then it is not surprising that over the last few years we have seen the gradual erosion of institutions that were once revered and the downfall of values and traditions that was part of India’s democracy.

We live in a time when rape is justified… Barbaric crimes are being committed every day that stink of communal hatred… Perpetrators are protected… Lawmakers are the ones breaking the law… The constituted body of persons empowered by a state to enforce the law, to protect people and property, and to prevent crime and civil disorder have done the exact opposite… Then are we not doomed?

Can crimes of such a vicious nature as the Unnao rape case and Asifa’s rape and murder be justified? Can we turn a blind eye to such dastardly acts? It is sickening to see political parties fighting against each other in ways to cover up the act instead of talking about the real issue and tackling ways and means of stopping such heinous crimes and unimaginable brutality. What we are seeing is the unabashed display of government apathy and the complicity of the police in the state.

You know that things have sunk to the lowest levels possible when a place of worship… a structure reserved for religious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and hope is used to commit a crime that has shamed humanity.

I cannot even imagine what that tiny girl must have experienced through the horror she was subjected to. My stomach churns and I get goose bumps when I see Asifa’s piercing and haunting eyes through photographs. What a cruel, insane world we live in where beasts such as these perpetrators terrorise other humans…children…women.

We have to stop these fake nationalist hooligans who are terrorising our country. We have failed as a society if we are unable to get swift justice for such crimes and also put an end to such atrocities. When children are being sacrificed in the interest of religion and politics and when there is silence from the Prime Minister himself – you know your country is in trouble.

The waling cries of Asifa ring through every Indian’s heart who is shaken by what is happening around… From north to south – east to west there is a sense of helplessness and turmoil. What we have in return is a deaf government – one that is unwilling to hear the cries of its own people.

Communal riots happen at a drop of a hat, hate crimes are on the rise, and legitimate mechanisms of justice are not only being denied but are disintegrating as well. When criminals are being shielded and protected what will happen to the ordinary citizen fighting for justice? The apathy of this government is on full display and split wide open.

Wake up India before it is too late and fight back against the disintegration and breakdown of what our country has stood for!