The ‘foot in the mouth’ syndrome is rampant in our government… From Vasudev Devnani to Biplab Deb to Santosh Gangwar there is never a dull moment. Biplab Deb’s howlers have provided comic relief while the newly appointed Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir has shocked people through his insensitive comments. Kavinder Gupta has said that the brutal rape and murder of a minor in Kathua was a ‘Choti si baat’, meaning a small incident!

Most of the ministers present in the government are no strangers to controversy. They have a habit of making inappropriate, callous and imprudent statements time and again. Earlier this year Kavinder Gupta’s remark on Rohingya Muslims had triggered a major controversy. His remark had invited sharp criticism from opposition leaders who accused him of targeting a particular community without evidence. He was forced by the opposition to expunge his own statement.

Did you ever stop to wonder why those elected in power continue to let us down time and again? Most governments – no matter where on earth you look, or what time period you consider tend to be dishonest, predatory and tyrannical.

Yet, in recent decades, we too have succumbed to electing the undeserved to power. With a constant cultural subversion in the background, no wonder millions of us have gradually been demoralized into depending on government after government to solve all of our problems, fuelling today's uncontrolled, cancer-like growth in successive governments.

Power-hungry demagogues have always used basically the same methods: They demonize ‘the rich’ by implying they obtained their wealth by exploiting and stealing from the downtrodden; they stir up racial or religious hatred at every opportunity; they blame convenient scapegoats for problems they themselves have caused; and they promise universal peace and happiness if we'll just give them unlimited power over us.

These rogues win support by appealing to anger, dissatisfaction and greed. They know instinctively that if they can stir up and ignite these dark and addictive passions in people, they will seduce them away from their inner dependency, and instead create a massive voting bloc of people dependent upon them. The reward for this transference of fidelity is great power for them, and confusion, demoralization and ultimate bondage for us.

Succumbing to this seduction, consecutive governments have enlarged to its current incomprehensible size and sucked much of the life and productive capability out of the nation, while feeding its uncontrolled growth. Why are fuel prices so high? Why are food and electricity prices on their way to doubling? Why are economic conditions chaotic? The reason is simple. Taxation – both direct and indirect through currency inflation – runaway government regulation and government-sponsored-and-encouraged litigation have reduced the productivity below that required to maintain a way of life. This is tyranny – in fact call it economic slavery. There are no resource limitations, technological limitations or geopolitical reasons for the current energy shortages and high prices. These shortages and prices are solely the result of taxation, regulation and litigation that have stifled our energy-producing industries.

To survive these fools who govern us...these ambitious bigots…we’ve got to fight back or the system crumbles. We’ve got to vote wisely and we’ve got to make those in power take responsibility of their actions. In short, if you want leadership with integrity, then stop trusting people who lie and who stoke the communal fire and divide the country on religious lines. We can change the direction of our country only if smart people get involved in the election process and actually vote.

Being a citizen of the world's biggest democracy it is not only our right but a responsibility to elect the right set of people to administer the functioning of the country. Democracy in our country will be effective only when people will vote wisely.