Over the last few years I have noticed the degradation of social media – it was a fun place to interact with people but now it is a venomous, nauseating war zone, where people come and puke out their rabid thoughts.

The last few days, I am beyond disgusted… I don’t want to read people’s updates or interact with them.

I also know that there are many who I will never interact with again, for their innermost feelings are nothing short of poison and their toxic ideas are beyond repair. It’s sad… It’s sickening! People are at war on social media platforms and it is foul.

What has happened to my country that was known for its compassion and restraint? Where have all the smart Indians gone? The sane voices are being lost in the tempestuous winds churning hate and bitterness.

All I can say right now is that we are a bunch of idiots, and if you continue to thump that chest any more you will only see destruction and annihilation.

I cannot fathom how people are circulating videos of our brother officer… Don’t you people understand how his family, friends and mates must be feeling? Those feelings and emotions are real… not your misplaced nationalism being displayed.

War is not a child’s game… War is a stark reality of chaos and mayhem.

Has no one realised that the politicians are taking us for a ride, and that electoral benefits is the name of the game? War is a nasty game everyone loves to play and it leaves only wounded and dead people and mass destruction.

All those baying for blood – pack your backs and move to the frontline. Stop being armchair soldiers.

Our armed forces know their job. They don’t need to be made scapegoats and they don’t need to be sacrificed in order for one man to come out victorious – and victorious at what cost?

The defenders of our country have proved and will continue to prove that, if challenged, they are fully capable of standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the defence of our country.

When push comes to shove, they will – till then, stop goading them!

Even without thinking of civilian casualties and suffering, we cannot afford to be dragged into more endless, undeclared combat missions that batter the souls of our military families and drive us further into debt.

There are times when military actions are necessary for national security or to fight tyranny. However, the use of force must be the absolute last resort.

It is unacceptable to go to war before you have expended your arsenal of peaceful options to resolve a conflict. And the decision to use force must be made with the clear understanding that living, breathing men and women will kill and be killed, based on the decisions leaders make.

All of you with nothing to do but rant – Google the effects of war… of what a nuclear holocaust will mean, and the repercussions of losing your loved ones under such circumstances…

When it touches your family… You will know!