SRINAGAR: Schools have opened technically in some parts of the city, but parents have taken a quiet decision not to send their children. The fear is tremendous, one of violence that erupts at any point in which they do not want their children to be caught. And two, with many Kashmiris sharing this, the possibility of a large scale terror attack on educational institutions. Rumours creating fear circulate by word of mouth, even though the lockdown on communication remains. Internet and mobile telephone services remain suspended, with the social media full of stories from ordinary Kashmiris outside the Valley, sharing their concerns and worries about those still inaccessible in the Valley. Young persons have recorded their brief visits, and return to their respective destinations with hearts weighed down by worry about the well being of their close relatives in Kashmir.

As a teacher from Kashmir said, “clearly the year is lost for our students, we can only hope and pray it is not more.” Now that curfew is being lifted for longer hours during the day in Srinagar, some teachers are offering private tuitions in the relative safety of their homes. Schools remain empty of students. Parents have slowly started sending their children for tuitions.

The Citizen Photographer Basit Zargar sends these photographs of the effort being made by parents and teachers to keep the students abreast of their studies at one of these private tuition centre: