NEW DELHI/SRINAGAR: Over 50 days and there is no sign of normalcy returning to the Kashmir Valley. Youth remain the targets of the security forces, with innumberable arrests across Kashmir with local reports of torture. Levels of tension within homes have reached undescribable levels with fact finding teams that have managed to penetrate the barriers coming back with horrific stories of depression, alienation amidst human rights violations. True or not has become immaterial now as the curfew has not been lifted, all mainstream politicians along with the separatists are jailed, and every single day new instances are added to the old.

The Citizen photographer BASIT ZARGAR sends these photographs of curfew reimposed in Srinagar without ever really being lifted. Internet remains suspended, shops closed, business dead, and live stock on trees visibly rotting. Militants roam the smaller districts, adding their own terror to that unleashed by the men in uniform who are unable to restore calm to the very troubled and agitated Valley.

Latest photographs from Srinagar: