NEW DELHI: An initiative taken by a retired army general and former chief of naval staff is resonating with ordinary citizens, as it serves as a unique act of solidarity with the people of Kashmir - who are now 58 days into a communications blockade.

“We will be shutting down our communications (landline + internet + mobiles) on 02 October from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM,” a whatsapp message by a retired senior army officer said.

“This is an experiment (also part of a movement) to voluntarily experience how it feels to be unable to communicate with others and to be unable to receive communications from others including our near & dear ones. This is advance notice to you about our forthcoming voluntary experiment so that you shouldn't worry if you are unable to contact us, and it is also a challenge to you to do likewise on 02 October, after informing your near & dear ones so that they shouldn't worry about your health & welfare,” the message reads.

Admiral Laxminarayan Ramdas and Lalita Ramdas followed suit, adding their names to the message above and giving it the tag - ‘Cyber Satyagraha on Oct 2 2019.’

The call for a voluntary communications satyagraha is now in wide circulation, being supported by individuals from all spheres.

It has since made its way off Whatsapp to Facebook and Twitter.