SRINAGAR/NEW DELHI: Note: At least seven civilians were injured in a grenade attack at Hari Singh high street in the heart of Srinagar. ?The Citizen photographer BASIT ZARGAR records the human suffering in these photographs:

Meanwhile journalist GULZAR BHAt points out that through full page advertisements in the newspapers of Jammu and Kashmir asking people to resume their routine business, the government itself has finally conceded that the situation is far from normal in Kashmir.

"Closed Shops, No public transport?

Who benefits? " asks the advertisement.

The advertisement printed in blue, black and red colours has appeared in an odd dozen newspapers for the second day today in the valley.

“For over 70 years now, the people of J&K have been misled. They have been victims of a vicious campaign and motivated propaganda that has kept them trapped in an endless cycle of terrorism, violence, destruction and poverty.” reads the king-size ad.


The advertisement states that while the separatists send their children to exotic lands to study work and earn, they instigate the people to push their children into violence, stone pelting and Hartals.

"We are at cross roads today",says the advertisement.

It asks people if they will allow the age old tactics of threats and coercion to influence them.

"Will threat and misinformation prevail or will we take informed decisions on what is best for us?” questions the ad.