World Heritage Week is celebrated all over the world every year from November 19 to 25. In India various programs relating to the preservation of historical structures and saving its traditional heritage are initiated by school and college students. The idea is to make people aware of the importance of preserving our cultural heritage for future generations.

“To me, heritage is living testament to your cultural, emotional and historical identity. It holds your roots in terms of a race, a community or pure humanity. If we fail to preserve our roots, posterity will slowly lose its identity,” says Goutam Chakraborty, security adviser and heritage coordinator of the Kolkata Port Trust.

Have you visited these heritage sites in Calcutta?

The Victoria Memorial Hall, established in 1921

The General Post Office, completed in 1868

Writers’ Building, designed by Thomas Lyon in 1777

Shaheed Minar, erected in 1828

St Paul’s Cathedral, completed in 1847