We grew up with the phrase ‘Unity in Diversity’ and that India exemplified this and stood for it. But not anymore…it has slowly been torn apart…by those that care not for their country but only their individual avariciousness. So much so that within a short time span they have caused rifts through lesions and broken up a unified country into one that is divided. India provided credence to the phrase and showed forth to the world of being a democratic nation.

A democratic nation has people having different religion, cultures, beliefs, sects, languages and other demarcations, but they all live in unity and harmony, following a uniform law. India as a nation has been the best example of ‘Unity in

Diversity’ with people of different religions and culture living together following the rule of land as per the parameters laid by the Constitution of India. People of various religions and castes have managed to live together and accept the different facets that are a part of this.

Yes, from time to time, it has given rise to various social tensions among people of different faiths and linguistic origin. It has also on many occasions given rise to the growth of corruption and illiteracy in many areas of the country, including being the reason of poor lifestyles in various rural regions because of underdeveloped infrastructures, lack of electricity, roads, etc. Through all these ups and downs, India and its people stood as one.

But now…there is a divide…people are torn…dissatisfied and disillusioned. The ties that were bound together by a string of humanity, love and respect are hanging by a thin thread due to ideologies that reek of a divisive political agenda. People’s ideologies and thoughts have been played with and with the slow brainwashing it has been easy to disintegrate India. Citizens play a very significant role in maintaining peace and prosperity in a country but when hate speeches begin to proliferate and critics are shut down, the democracy of a nation is in grave danger.

Unity in diversity plays a crucial role for the country’s development as the country which is integrated within will always prosper and progress on the path of growth and development. It will also face less internal issues as compared to the country which is socially unstable and is divided on various terms. A country which is diverse but still remains united not only adds value but also gets respected on international platforms. It sets an example globally by showcasing the values and ethics of the citizens of a country who respect and support each other despite being from different backgrounds and culture. India was known for this but not anymore. We have been led astray and the crux of peaceful coexistence no longer exists.

Unity is the feeling of togetherness and integration which holds the people together and a bond which implies a sense of oneness. Unity stands for the ties between different groups which binds them into a single entity. It could also be defined as the absence of differences between people belonging to diverse sections based on religious, linguistics or racial aspects.

In contrast, diversity refers to differences or dissimilarities. It could be defined as the collective differences between diverse groups based on religion, race or language etc. It is the variety of sections and groups residing at a geographical area with different cultures, traditions and backgrounds.

Diversity is the natural phenomenon which also helps to bring different ideas, experiences and acceptance among people. Indians were the best example of this because of our age old tradition of India that taught us the importance of ethics, values, respect and tolerance.

Indians may belong to a diverse culture but they share the bond of humanity, love and respect and are tied with a single string of nationalism. The Constitution of India has provided rights and freedom to us to live our lives with dignity and respect without any interference. But now with the Government rewriting history, belligerently contesting holy sites, and passing unjustified laws, it is evident that they are pushing extremist Hindu priorities. Our country is been toxically divided via religion based politics.

India is the second most populous nation, after China as a crucial geopolitical player; a huge economy with a long secular history. But now we are known more for our poisonous atmosphere that has dehumanized minorities and inspired violence. The damage done is not short term; it is very long term which will be felt by generations to come.

People’s voices need to be heard…not the cacophony by the Government.