On a cold, hazy Saturday afternoon, hundreds of protestors flocked to the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia University. The protestors had a clear and resounding message: NO CAA & NO NRC. While the majority of those assembled were students of the university, many others joined in, from all walks of life, to support the demonstration. The protest was an ode to the spirit of non-violent revolution – songs were sung; slogans were raised; the tricolour fluttered in the wind; graffiti was scrawled on the road; fiery speeches were met with thunderous applause; everybody was laughing, everybody was crying – Mahatma Gandhi would have approved. Although the university was brutally attacked by the Delhi Police, only a few days ago, the protest was not marred by anger or hate. On the contrary, the atmosphere was infused with a medley of hope, determination and struggle. The protest outside Jamia University on the 22nd of December was a catharsis for many of the students who’d witnessed their campus overrun and violated. Although there have been reports of violent clashes across India, the students here displayed the power of non-violent protest today.