December 15, 2019 the Delhii police barged into the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia. The students were brutally assaulted and beaten, teargas canisters were lobbed into the old reading hall and Zakir Hussain library where students were peacefully studying, many were arrested, many sustained serious injuries.

This assault by the police was condemned throughout the India and in some parts of the world as well. Since then the students and people of the vicinity mostly women have been peacefully protesting outside gate number 7 of the university against the brutality of the police and the Citizenship Amendment Act. A committee has been formed by the students which ensures that the protests are peaceful and organised, with volunteers on the roads to ensure smooth movement of traffic and assist those who want to join the protest.

The ongoing protest is being supported by persons from all walks of life including Bollywood, politicians, doctors, lawyers, religious communities. Every single day people arrive at Gate numbner 7 fropm 10 am onwards to join the students, with women at the forefront since the last 30 days.

Fahmeeda a homemaker who lives nearby comes regularly around 4pm with two kettles of tea and a basket full of snacks for the protestors.“I can’t join the protest for the whole day as I have small kids back home by serving them I feel like I am helping the ongoing cause in some way ” Fahmeeda said. Another woman Shahista from Zakir Nagar has been joining the protest since the past 19 days. A mother of 3 she says ‘’ When the students were beaten by the police on December 15 I didn’t slept that night seeing the visuals. I felt these are my own children, hurt and wounded, so I decided to join the students, as they are not fighting for themselves alone but for every Indian citizen. Its now or never.”

Some glimpses into the resistance that shows no signs of abating:

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