A familiar sight across India’s streets are its street dogs, who have taken over the roads as people retreat into their homes in lockdown. But the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown is impacting these furry friends, as many of them rely on street-food vendors and roadside stalls for scraps of food. With stalls and vendors closed, many strays are going hungry and dying of starvation. Even so, a few good samaritans have taken to feeding strays in their areas.

In search of food. A dog sniffs the empty streets, shutters down and doors closed.

A stray dog sleeps on the stairs, not a soul in sight.

People have stepped forward, feeding strays in their areas. Pictured here, a dog sleeps in a quiet, empty street.

Street dogs rely on handouts, and at marketplaces - customers and vendors often feed strays scraps. Pictured here, a dog in a deserted alleyway.

A typical lockdown sight: Shop shutters down, a daily wages migrant worker on his phone, and a stray dog fast asleep at his feet.

Animal charities worry that dogs may die of starvation.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Two puppies take a nap together. This is an especially hard time for pups, as their mothers struggle to find food, and they are too young to fend for themselves.

Maybe more people will take to feeding strays, bringing a smile to our canine friends’ faces.