In all fairness, all those who voted for the present Government should be held accountable for the state of the country today. The last nail in the coffin… And I mean that literally has been the massacre of 20 of our soldiers… The pride of the nation whose lives come with the greatest cost and one that bespeaks loyalty, duty, sacrifice, integrity and courage.

Who is answerable to the 20 families whose light has been snuffed out all thanks to a weak-kneed government that has been found running around squawking like headless chickens - no guts…no balls…no brains? A government that pays no heed to timely advice be it from senior correspondents, defence experts, veterans with the desired knowledge and background or the opposition. Priorities are misplaced and forgone.

Have you noticed the silence from the powers above…supposedly our leaders…it is absolutely deafening. Where are all the loud-mouthed louts who have plenty to say – the blustering fools on the television and social media? The deafening silence of the GOI speaks volumes.

No official statements have been given to the public other than a watered down chain of events…there is nothing in the public domain other than what is being filtered through channels other than the government. We are floundering. Don’t the people of India have a right to know what is going on? Is the government not answerable?

We have unending questions but no answers… I hope our government knows that we live in the Information Age and not in the Stone Age. The propaganda war of showing more deaths on the other side is not going to win us anything. The real truth and not the hidden truth is what we demand and it is also our right. Our government is in denial and that is a huge worry.

The hollowness inside each one of us that is so bound to our armed forces cannot be explained.

I end with this: Don’t our leaders have time to even send messages of condolences to the families of our brave hearts? No form of any sensitivity – only a sense of apathy. We have stooped to the lowest levels as a nation and even worse. The lives of our soldiers are being used to win elections. Let that sink in.

I write this as an anguished ‘Fauji’ Granddaughter, Daughter, Daughter in law and Wife.