1. Armed Forces Veterans are closely following the unfolding situation of the farmer’s peaceful agitation to repeal the three laws passed by Parliament. We are also aware that workers across sectors have supported the demands of farmers, in addition to peacefully raising objections to amended labour laws.

2. The purpose of this statement is to inform protesting farmers that Armed Forces Veterans unconditionally and unequivocally support their rightful demands being conveyed in a democratic and peaceful manner. Therefore:

# We stand in solidarity with the peacefully protesting farmers, empathize with them, and support their demands.

# We condemn the use of force on farmers with tear-gas and water-cannons.

# We strongly urge the Government to consider the demands of agitating farmers to repeal the laws since no prior consultation with the primary stakeholders was held.

# We pledge to uphold and support the Constitution of India and stand shoulder to shoulder in support of peaceful dissent and this democratic protest.

3. We understand the pulse of serving Armed Forces personnel, 80% of whom are from the farmer background and are a part of the very organic Jawan-Kisan link. Neglecting the importance of this organic link can seriously affect our country’s security.

4. In the larger interest of maintaining the integrity of the social fabric of our country, we strongly urge the Government to accept the demands of agitating farmers and agitating workers.

Jai Jawan! Jai Kisan!

Jai Hind!

The signatories are as below:

Cover Photograph DANISH PANDIT