The farmers’ agitation has entered its 15th day today. Congregated at various borders of Delhi, especially Singhu border, farmers remain resolute, refusing to move to any designated protest site and continuing to demand the complete withdrawal of the three newly passed farm laws.

Protesters at the site seemed worried about their portrayal in the media. Three people stopped us when they saw us holding a camera and asked us, "What do you think this is about?" They further explained why they were protesting and how the farm bills are not what is needed at this time for their betterment.

"Are you too going to label us Khalistani?” asked another protestor, while offering us Bread-Omelets to eat.

"This is an agitation against the government's decision to bring new laws without consulting the farmers in the first place,” stated another protestor at the site.

While the farmers await answers from the government, the cold winds are bringing the temperature down to record lows. A majority of the people present at these sites are elderly, accompanied by women and children.

The farmers continue to demonstrate outside the capital amid heavy police deployment, with the cold winter, lack of proper sanitation and the risk of contracting COVID-19 adding to their woes.

Protesting farmers spending their days inside their trolleys.

Wheels have stopped moving. Farmers are resting on the roads.

At the Singhu border, the colour Kesari is omnipresent.

Doctors volunteering to provide medical aid to protesting farmers.

Farmers raise placards in protest.

Volunteers from different communities have come together to stand in solidarity with the farmers.

A reader lounges inside the make-shift library set up at Singhu Border.

Art of dissent at the protest-site.

Speakers addressing the protestors from the stage.

Protestors await a positive response from the government to their demands

Photographs by Mohit Dock