On January 24, a massive fire broke out in East Delhi’s Ghazipur Dairy Farm, in which more than 50 shanties were gutted. Fire officials received information about the blaze at 1.41 pm, following which 17 fire tenders were rushed to the spot.

As per sources, the fire started due to a short circuit. Those living in the slums said that the fire was so intense that they did not get time to even collect their belongings from the slums.

Aaqib Fayaz visits the dairy farm and speaks to displaced residents for this photstory.

“I tried to save my life's earnings, but it was too late. When I reached here, I only found the ashes of my house,” says Sheikh Alam. Alam works as a waste picker in Ghazipur landfill.

“I lost everything, I had saved some money for my daughter's upcoming marriage, but it’s all gone now,” says Khadiji Bibi. Khadija’s husband passed away a few years ago, after his death she tried to build her home.

Fire broke out in Ghazipur’s dairy farm area due to a short circuit, according to locals.

Most of the people living in the slums are working in poultry markets, fish markets and as waste pickers.

The fire was controlled by the fire and emergency department and also by the metro officials, who’re located adjacent to the dairy farm area.

Most important documents such as identification proof, Aadhar card, bank documents and ratio card were destroyed by the fire, said Khadija Bibi.

Boys look for the remains in a gutted house.