More than 3 lakh tractors took to the streets of Delhi on India's 72nd Republic day to register their dissent against the three new farm laws brought in by the government. This photostory encapsulates the spirit of the protesting farmers most of whom have been at the sit-in protests around Delhi for the past two months.

Women protestors marching from Singhu border in the farmer’s tractor rally.

Inter-faith harmony at the farmer’s tractor rally.

Hospital on wheels.

Emergency medical care service at the tractor rally.

Over 3 Lakh tractors left the Singhu border on the morning of 26th January.

Over 500 protesting groups joined the farmer’s tractor march at the Singhu border.

Nihang Sikhs, traditional keepers of horses, joining the tractor march.

Police personnel and protesting farmers at the Singhu border barricades.

CRPF officers surrounding a tractor at the Singhu border barricades.

Police personnel inspecting a vandalised DTC bus.

Protesting farmers on the streets of Delhi.

Protesting farmers at Daryaganj market, leaving Red Fort after hoisting the flag.

Farmers atop their tractors at Red Fort.

Farmers raising the national flag at Red Fort.