NEW DELHI: As the capital witness another surge in cases of Covid-19, there is unease and fear among thousands of migrant workers in the area. Some have started the journey to their home states by train.

“My family is anxious that a lockdown may be imposed in the coming days, as we are facing hardship these days and couldn’t find enough work, and are unemployed at the station,” said Vijay Kumar.

According to Ganesh, a student in Delhi University, “All the classes have swung from physical classes to online and I couldn’t afford to rent here. So I’ve decided to go back to my native state and be present from there only.”

“The economy has plunged due to Covid-19 since last year and it has affected my job too. Even so, the vaccine is on the market, things were getting better, but the fourth wave of covid has started to surge,” said Harshika Singh.

Coolies are without work at the Hazrat Niazmuddin railway station

Workers leaving Delhi

Deserted platforms, masks now visible.

Migrant worker waits the night for a train to go home

Platforms without the usual rush and clamour, just labour waiting quietly

Trains as empty as the platforms

Kiosks on the platforms stay open

Delhi University student waits, has no idea when he will return

Migrant labour stays back, but sends his family back to the village

Taxis find little business