We, citizens of India from various walks of life, would like to condemn in unequivocal terms the hate speeches and the call for genocide of Muslims made between December 17 and 19, 2021, in Haridwar. These speeches and appeals to kill a community were made by Hindutva-oriented organizations and individuals. Such outrageous behaviour is in complete violation of law and the Indian Constitution. Instead of taking immediate and exemplary action against the perpetrators, public authorities have reacted in a tepid manner and are seeking to whitewash these events.

76 Supreme Court lawyers have written to the Chief Justice of India, asking him to take suo moto cognizance of the matter and requesting him to “issue directions for taking action against the guilty persons under Sections 120 B, 121 A, 124 A,153 A, 153 B, 295 A and 298 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.”

In a similar vein, we request the public authorities in Delhi and Uttarakhand to take action as per law. Otherwise, the idea of India as a constitutional democracy with fundamental rights and secularism as part of the basic structure of the Constitution will no longer have any meaning and India as we know it may cease to exist.The parallels with what happened in Nazi Germany are chilling: to remain silent or inactive in the face of such abominable speeches is to be complicit in crimes against humanity.