NEW DELHI: Jawaharlal Nehru University Student Union staged a protest outside the Vice Chancellor's house, after a PhD student reported that she was attacked and molested on her way back to her room on campus. JNUSU called the attack an 'attempt to rape' and demanded the immediate identification and arrest of the perpetrator.

“While the survivor was walking on the ring road, a man aged 24-25, riding a motorcycle came towards her. He tried to drag her towards the forest and attempted to rape her. When the survivor started screaming and raised alarm, the accused ran away but snatched the mobile phone of the survivor. The Cyclops QRT who reached there only after 10-15 minutes for regular patrolling was informed about the incident and the police was also called,” a statement issued by JNUSU reads.

Students are demanding that GSCASH (the Gender Sensitization Committee Against Sexual Harassment) be restored, after it was disbanded. The JNUSU statement in fact linked the issue of attacks on women on campus to disbanding GSCASH, terming its replacement body "inefficient."

“The incident also calls forth the need to reinstate the democratically elected GSCASH to fight against sexual harassment and to sensitise the people on campus regarding gender and gender based crimes,” the statement said.

The Citizen's DANISH PANDIT was on the spot and spoke to students who were protesting on campus.