There is change all around us... And we must not only welcome change but move forward with it and embrace it... Not many will really challenge you when you mention the fact that the world seems to be changing faster and faster. Driven mostly by technological progress and global integration, the speed of everything is going up and up, and in turn demanding that we run organizations in a different way.

Even if we know logically that things are changing and at times changing faster than we can cope, what we see and feel is very different as our experiences, and the feelings that we get from them, are very influential in determining our behaviour. In reality, even if it doesn’t feel like things are changing that much, we do not actively and aggressively look for new ways to adapt to that change unless we are pushed to.

I think the answer lies in the fact that what we believe, for the most part, is highly influenced by our own personal experiences. And when it comes to change, the world we see today and the world we saw a couple of months or a year or two back is just minutely very different. These are the small changes that we relate to during the passage of time and they are constant and encompassing. One of the key principles of change is to recognize and acknowledge that it is needed. This seems pretty logical but it is often not easy.

House cleaning is a dirty business. If you are like the average household, dealing with work, family, and other priorities can make cleaning your home thoroughly a challenge and one that you'd sooner avoid. Thousands of cleaning services have cropped up all over, ready and willing to do the work for you. Because there are so many companies available, knowing how to choose and hire a house cleaning service can seem like an overwhelming task, but with a few rules of thumb and a firm understanding of what to expect, you can pick the best option. An option that reflects nothing but true professionalism. These companies intend on organizing chores in our hectic lifestyle which in turn have started saving us the hours we need so desperately.

For someone like me, who is a ‘cleanliness freak’... Actually, completely obsessed is more like it... I have discovered there is no magic mantra in keeping a clean house. No magic formula, no life-altering tool that will, as if charmed, get up and clean the room itself. In fact, if you haven’t already learned this hard truth, then you have my deepest sympathies. Then again, unless I get things done on my own, I am not satisfied. My advice: Those glorified days of personal cooks, maids, domestic help etc. will be a thing of the past with time and we need to start being self-reliant and self-sufficient and well, start doing things on our own.

And for all ye lazy ones out there don’t panic... Numerous cleaning services are cropping up, ready and willing to do the work for you. First things first, decide what areas of your home need to be cleaned before choosing a cleaning service. Do ask family, friends, or neighbours for referrals. Please eliminate any companies that are not certified or registered or insured and do contact the potential services to ask what type of background checks their team has gone through for screening. Choose a company that offers one flat fee as opposed to a per-hour charge. Avoid letting the ‘cheapest price’ be your determining factor. Ask what kind of chemicals the service uses during its cleaning process. Do choose a cleaning service that provides a guarantee of satisfaction and be clear about your needs. Last, but not the least, please be aware that cleaners are people and treat them respectfully. Develop a relationship of trust and security. Communicate with your cleaner. Also realize that there are things that your cleaner will not do.

I decided, this for me being a first, to try out one of the many agencies being advertised. I found one for its apt name. A one stop shop for all requirements of home cleaning, I was certainly tempted. From Deep Cleaning to Pest Control to Car Care to Handyman Services... You name it... It was all there with a price quote.

Finally setting my sights on a ‘Deep Clean’ and ensuring that I kept a full day clear to accommodate this – the process is long and detailed as it entails a thorough floor scrub using a single disc machine, vacuuming the upholstery & sofas, sanitising toilets & kitchens, dust-proofing ceilings, performing a spotting treatment on walls, treating surfaces made of glass, steel, wood that are safely accessible etc.

At the end of the day, I was suitably impressed by the working staff. The team had a leader supervising everyone with their duties and chores. All biodegradable chemicals and machines were brought by them. The house was totally spic and span and gleamed from all corners. This was certainly a huge task out of my way for at least a while since all the nitty gritties were taken care of. The way ahead I reckon is to enjoy life using professional services that leave you without a ‘headache’.

It is time to modernise our society with a step in the right direction. It’s all quite simple: download an app that gives opportunities to a host of service providers, making life easy in our hectic schedules and saving time for that long overdue errand or plan. Today you can have as many as 9 different services from one company ranging from Deep Cleans to Pest Control to Painting. Three different areas of business but interconnected for the most part and a price quote that will make up your mind for you. A professional modus operandi that bespeaks of Herbal/Bio Chemicals, Verified and Professional Technicians, Quality work... What more could you ask for?

And it all boils down to building a relationship on pure efficiency and competence with a company and following that with a sense of security it provides to the state of mind! Ahhhh... Bliss!!