He barked against the master
What a devastating disaster
We have always known
His master’s voice
The puppy made a wrong choice

Pappu made a speech
Puppy went to jill
That’s what we will preach
To protect the holy grill

Lawyers will be the law
They know it without a flaw
Girls will be molested
Their endurance must be endured
Even Sita was tested

Puppy did sedition
It is limited edition
That’s important for sedation
Otherwise, you know the mob
The mob knows its job

Irom Sharmila is on drip
But she’s in our grip
But a young pup?
He must shut up!

Oh what! Who are all these
Shouting for the pup
They won’t shut up
Alright alright puppy won’t be in jail
We will give him bail

The idiots are trying
To burn my tail
Okay okay in gadget gyan
This is called #epicfail