Prakash Bal Joshi is a multifaceted personality with four decades in journalism, creative writing and international recognition as an artist. He has participated in national as well as several international art events and displayed his work in Europe, USA, Middle East and south East Asia.

Words and images have been an inseparable part of my life for as long as I can remember. They have always played a pleasant game in my life, complementing each other almost at all time. Their relationship never ceases to amuse me. In fact, my love affair with these two began way before I even became aware of their indispensable presence. When one failed, the other rushed to my succour,” Joshi says.

He spent a long time working on natural forms and through sheer observation and practice, mastered the finer nuances and subtleties of abstract art forms. He does not have anybody from his family who pursued art in any discipline. Self-taught, he learned a lot from his interaction with K.H.Ara and developed his distinct art process. As a painter, he is spontaneous and his work is the culmination of a deep thought process which poses basic fundamental questions regarding his own existence.

Mindscape is new series of abstract paintings that tries to capture frame of mind when the conscious and the unconscious blends together as during state of trance. Basically it is an experiment to map the mind, searching our own inner world when it is in the trance state - a state where you are not aware of reality nor are you totally unaware. It is a dream-like state with a mix of reality around, with desires, imagination and something beyond reason. There is nothing finite, it is outburst of intense and spontaneous energy.

Blue is the colour of spiritual awakening, most of the art work in the series are in different hues of blue.

Joshi regrets that art is very expensive and not affordable to common people. Art is universal language and people enjoy it all over the world, however very few of them afford to buy. In a country like India where visual art is existing in different forms, art should be made affordable.