The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time. The words of Friedrich Nietzsche stand tall in comparison to the most enchanting splendours of the world and the moments we spend celebrating life. How we want to capture every smile, every moment that life gives and keep it forever!!!

It is Nietzsche's philosophy that has driven this youngster now making waves in the art of mobile photography. “It is not a costly camera; it is a good photographer who makes a good photograph. I also believed that photography was a hobby which only the rich could afford but I was proven wrong,”says Ankur Gupta who says that the absence of a sophisticated DSLR (digital single lens-reflex) camera was never an excuse for not clicking a good picture.

Always a very creative child, Ankur used to take guitar lessons as a part time activity till he joined the Gujarat Technical University (GTU) at Ahmedabad as a graphic designer. Although a lover of photography, he was reluctant to take it up till one of his colleagues Hima Bhatt introduced him to the lens of her 5MP mobile camera a few months ago.

Coming from the small Himalayan village of Salogra, part of Mushroom City Solan, nature always fascinated him. The appreciation of what he left behind hit him when he was in Gujarat, followed by a yearning to be close to nature.

With a mobile camera in hand, Ankur has been clicking some amazing photographs. He says that the mobile camera actually has an advantage, as he can click lying down on the road, hanging on to a branch, and in any position whatsoever. With a demanding job, he has been following his passion with dedication, attending photography and creative writing sessions while meeting some known photographers.

“If you know how to command and direct the technology to your use it is a major asset,” says Ankur. For him photography is the mode of expressing his thoughts, of feeling silently but deeply.

Prominent photographers of Gujarat soon included him in their group. His work caught the public eye. With encouraging comments and compliments pouring in, his confidence reached a new high. Encouraged by the response he launched his own photo page pixelpuree on the internet.

After many well appreciated clicks, Ankur deserved a DSLR which he finally obtained just recently. “ I used my money to buy a well deserved asset and I have worked for it,” he says.

He has crawled for meters to get a perfect click. He lay down for hours in the forest to capture the right moment.

He says, “It is a pleasure to watch the world of birds. They have all the emotions like love, sorrow, anger and even play out their own brand of politics. They are civilized and are not out to destroy the world like us.” Besides birds, he is fascinated by flowers and even the tiny ants whom he has tried to photograph often.

He is a traveller who moves around with his guitar and camera. He plans to showcase his work in an exhibition soon. One fine day….