MUMBAI: The music of M Cream – India’s first stoner film – which has been hugely appreciated abroad, was unveiled by Junglee Music, powered by the Times Group, yesterday.

The album has an eclectic mix of six tracks from the film, namely, Woh Parinda, Man With A Million Drugs, Acid Winds, Wayfaring Stranger, Mandani Bolena and Twilight Zone.

The music plays a pivotal role in defining and adding colour to the canvas of the film. The sound track is an unique blend of Western rock and Indian Folk music. ‘In the Delhi part of the film the sound track is dominated by an electro-house feel. However, as the characters leave the confines of the city and travel into the hills, the soundtrack changes and acoustics and earthy instruments dominate the scenes,’ says Agneya Singh, Director, M Cream.

Mandani Bolena, sung by Shubha Mudgal, is haunting and beautiful while Woh Parinda by IP Singh of Faridkot is a foot tapping Indie Rock number. The music has been composed by Studio Fuzz, comprising Srijan Mahajan, Arsh Sharma and Nikhil Malik.

It has been an exhaustive but fulfilling process. Mahajan says, ‘we immersed ourselves completely for period of six months where for an average of twelve hours a day, we had the film on our screens and were just noodling with our instruments while watching the film’.

Mahajan speaking for all three says, ‘ We love the music and everyone who has heard it has loved it’. When the film was screened at the Braunschweig International Film Festival, the post Q&A was dominated by questions about the sound track of the film. The audience appeared to have loved the music and was most curious about the process involved in composing it, says Singh.

The music of the film is available on Times Music, Gaana and Saavn. The film is slated to be released on July 22.