If movies are meant to make friends this one should be right near the top somewhere.And come to think of it Amritsar and Lahore have always have had a kind of affinity historically and geographically.

The audiences may find the setting familiar like something they have witnessed in 'Tanu weds Manu' but even if it so it’s so much fun.Who has not enjoyed both the versions of TWM the story of a bride to be who runs away to escape a forced marriage.

The theme of this adventure is carried forward by Director Mudassar Aziz when the tall and lissome heroine Happy (Diana Penty) runs away from Jagga (who else but Jimmy Shergill) and lands in Lahore in the house of Bilal Ahmed (Abhay Deol) son of a former Governor who wants him to become the next Jinnah no less.

She had not actually intended to be in Lahore.But there was some mix-up in the runaway plans when she lands in full bridal dress in the wrong truck of flowers to meet her lover Guddu(Ali Fazal) .If like so many others in the audience you are tempted to ask why she fell for Guddu probably the weakest link in this fun flick, didn't they tell you Love is Blind?

But nobody asks this question because the tension of the runaway bride is put in the background by the tension in the Bilal household with an irritated Abhay Deol trying to explain to his petite fiancée (Momal Sheikh)why Happy is in his house.This is in addition to his regular pretence of trying to become a model politician to fulfil the dream of his father to one day "change the history of Pakistan" evoking laughter whenever his father repeats it.

In the background of the real life cross-border Indo-Pak tension it is so refreshing to laugh through the film on the light-hearted banter that are the lifeline of the film on the nuances of the Urdu language (Tashreef is all too familiar now, thanks to the comedy shows).The film did not go through much censor trouble because the joke is almost entirely on our friendly neighbour.When one of their characters is in Amritsar on a rescue mission and gets dead drunk Guddu asks him "Can I ask you a question?"his reply even in his inebriated state" ask me anything but not about Kashmir" sets the audiences rolling in laughter.

But this banter and fun also shows the blossoming of a tender love story, although one-sided, in the heart of Bilal for the girl who is ready to take any risk for her love.This is in sharp contrast to his own existence-doing everything to please his father. And who is the first to notice this but his fiancée who very politely points it out to him.

Abhay Deol is one of those rare Indian actors who always chose their roles very carefully and never fail to leave their mark when they appear.This film is no exception.Making a screen appearance after a long gap,only he could have carried out this balanced,sophisticated role of a man who secretly admires someone without making it obvious to that person.

But in one of the most underplayed scenes of the film when Guddu asks him directly if he has fallen in love with Happy he replies "You know my father has always been in love with Madhubala but that does not mean he married Madhubala.But the point is not who loves Madhubala, what is important is who does Madhubala love."

Wow, simply wow!

Jimmy Shergill will have added a lot more fans to his growing fan club after this even though he is in familiar territory.

Diana Penty who carries the film on her tall shoulders is certainly going places after this, never mind the westernised accent and all that. She has a stunning presence and dominates the proceedings.

Go and have a good laugh.

Director: Mudassar Aziz

Cast: Abhay Deol, Diana Penty, Jimmy Shergill, Piyush Mishra, Ali Fazal, Momal Sheikh, Javed Sheikh, Kanwaljeet