When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by politicians. Inspiring speeches, mammoth following, huge cavalcade of vehicles.It was jaw-dropping for a kid of 5th standard.One fine day, while in a English class, our teacher read a quote by George Bernard Shaw-

‘Politics is the last resort for the Scoundrels’.It left me confused and amused. I immediately shot a query to my teacher.

‘Maam I aspire to be a politician but what if I too become a scoundrel after joining politics’.

The whole class burst into laughter on discovering a new scoundrel in the making.My teacher in a sheepish grin gave a diplomatic answer..’Please sit down…you will realize the truth when you grow up.

As I grew up, probably that sarcastic laughter of my classmates on turning into a scoundrel prevented me from joining politics. Now, I certainly do not mean that every politician in politics is a scoundrel. Some are pure gems in the company of fake shining stones but the emphatic rhetoric of these fake shining stones is fare more impactful than those pure gems who are snubbed by offering them Cadbury gems.

But, what do we do while discussing and dissecting these fake stones and priceless gems. We tend to first discuss softly, then that softness become little hard, and then finally that hard talk turns into a blah blah talk where what we talk is just with the intention to mock at our opponent.In social media too, there are heavy duty discussions, logics, counter logics where each one sticks to his point defending a politician to such an extent as if that politician is going to change everything what needs to change.

And what exactly has changed in the life of a common man despite so many changes in the govt in last so many years.If I take a few examples from my life:

-I still get an attack of acute low back pain when my bike swirls and twirls in a pot holed road.

-I am still left high and dry when while taking a bath the tap suddenly becomes dry.

-I still fume in fury and my anger blows when the glow of light bulb suddenly loses its glow despite the surplus power claims.

-I still have to shell out a few bucks on the road when a traffic policeman first frowns and then blushes like a romantic Shahrukh Khan on getting a balm on his palm.

-I still have to bear a huge traffic blockade when a politician comes to address a rally where most of the times audience is a paid audience.

-I still search for the cheapest hair dye which stays at least for 15 days since this is the only legal route where you are not under IT scanner for turning something from white into black.

-I still see high and mighty getting bails from jails while a poor man stuck into jails with no trace of a bail for a petty crime of a few hundred rupees.

Discussing politics and politicians is a good pastime, but do not lose your sleep and peace over them. Just keep in mind, this is the most glaring example of one sided love affair. You may love them like maniacs but they are never going to love you back.