Algoma University is the undergraduate-only public University in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. It is commonly known as Algoma U or just Algoma. Its main campus is located in Sault Ste Marie. Algoma University is known for providing a unique classroom experience to its students. It is a student-centric University and provides a focused-teaching by experienced and renowned faculty. Algoma University provides a wide range of courses to choose from. It provides liberal arts, sciences and professional degree programs. It gives a wide range of opportunities to its students in a different field so that they can excel in every field.

Algoma provides exposures at international levels providing an edge for career and growth to the students. It not only deals with the academics of a student but also does a wholesome development in their personality. Students have the freedom to take part in a variety of study abroad opportunities, expanding their horizon of knowledge.

Apart from a unique classroom experience and cross-culture learning, Algoma University is also known for providing the best research opportunities to its students. It allows the students to gain an insight into their core subject and research about it. Algoma has been dedicated to providing enough opportunities since 1965, for students to participate in research. It enables a student to choose from the widest range and obtain employment in the field of research or to volunteer to assist in research.

Here are the various research opportunities that you can avail in Algoma University:

State of art laboratories

Algoma University provides a state of art laboratories to its Biology students in the Convergence Centre. It has a large area of 57,000 square foot facility to accommodate a huge crowd of students. The best part of this center is the state of the art teaching and research laboratories. This amazing opportunity to learn and research in the field is accessible to all the students.

Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) are given to the students to brace students' interest in the field of science and engineering research. At Algoma University, the motive behind to give these research awards is to encourage a student to pursue graduate studies in the field of science and engineering and make a career out of it. Students are aimed to develop a career in these fields and have a growth in such sectors. Algoma provides all the necessary resources and essential tools that are required by the students for the research purpose. These awards not only stimulate a student to take interest in research but also provide a financial support to all the capable and deserving students through their host Universities. Through these awards, a student can gain research experience in an academic setting.

Volunteer work

Algoma University provides an opportunity for a student to act as a volunteer to assist in a research lab or a research project. Students who are willing to assist in a research lab or with a research project are welcomed to be a part of it. By this, the students will not only have a hands-on experience with their work but will also develop a deep understanding of their course.

Work Placements

The work placements give an opportunity to the students to publish their research findings. Not only this but these work placements help build students' resumes that can be very helpful for them in the near future. The biology faculty at Algoma University hires students every summer for the same purpose and here the students get an environment to develop and learn more. Also, the students can earn a stipend as per their work, ranging from $12/hour up to 10 hours/week.

Summer Employment Program

The Summer Employment Program at Algoma University is designed to provide on-campus full-time employment opportunity to the students. The eligible students also get a financial-aid help and a horizon on knowledge and scope for growth. The employment opportunity gives the students a stability in career and also make them aware of the real-life scenarios. According to the capability and potential, a student can easily earn up to $12/hour for up to 35 hours/ week during their break between full-time studies. It is an amazing opportunity to earn some money and get a hand on experience.