It turns your head to look behind.

It multiplies your sadness.

It shows a clear view of an enemy that's winning.

It tells you it is futile to do anything about.

It enters your nightmares and enters your waking dreams.

It kills the ones who love you and you love them still.

Makes easy meat of victims while the masters of war.

It tires out your soul and strength to fight.

Turns smallness into tragedy and grief turns invisible.

It cuts you off from people and what they are thinking.

It finds you when you're not there and there's no one to find.

Infects your imagination with words.

It protects you from much worse which it promises to bring.

Friend become unknowable and foe unspeakable.

Life burns to ashes while others.

Death come to your door.


They're not unhappy and they're not angry.

They nod it's too late and know no we won't suffer.

They eat and laugh they eat and laugh.

They eat and laugh and eat and laugh.

They nod it's too late and no we won't suffer.

It's a friend with a warning a friend with a warning.

It's a friend with a warning has come.

It's here and now.

There is too late.

It's here and now and there is no help.

Its meaning is violence it wants to be violent.

There is no help and was always like this.

Do you know it was always like this?

Don't be like that, do you know it was always like this?

I won't help you. I am not your friend.

Didn't you know?

Death is the Lion dog the Leopard dog

Glass eyes

And yellow

Death is the lion, Death is the leopard

We can't help it. Not our fault.

Pale lion maul leopard

Ink lion all leopard

It never ends the end

The end it never ends

I can't help it. I won't help you.

What would you have done?

It's the smallest of steps, a creeping, a crawling

pause i hear you heart

in silence source of figures

Art won't answer

Thought won't answer

Feel won't answer

Felt enough,

It is the lion

It is the leopard

It won't ever end

And it won't come again.