"I have lost my everything. What worse one could face? This is the most dreadful flood in Madhya Pradesh," says Brijesh, a 55 year old fruit seller in Badana ka Pura, Madhya Pradesh.

The state has been battling severe floods for the past few weeks. The situation has been nothing but dreadful for local residents.

"I am financially vulnerable and my only source of income is farming. The crops failed miserably due to water logging. Now I have no work and hence no source of income. May god help us," says Rameshvar, a 40 year old farmer in the same village.

"My son is suffering from a serious ailment. He has been directed to take bed rest for some time. Unfortunately our hut has been destroyed and we are left with almost zero resources. I'm really worried about my son. I don't know if he'll be able to survive in these harsh conditions," says Janki Devi, a 47 year old house worker.

"I am devastated by the situation we are stuck in. My wife is losing hope and her health is deteriorating. My family is scattering into pieces. I hope we sail through this," adds her husband Rajesh.

According to Brijesh, the authorities have shifted people to a safer place due to excessive rainfall. "However, this place is not satisfying enough and we are facing abundant problems every day. I wonder when I'll return to the place I called home."

Due to the state's denial of resources, rural areas have been hardest hit. The children are frightened and fear for their lives. Rains and floods have disrupted public life causing isolation and deaths among thousands of locals.

"We have no proper food and water here. I am already suffering from poor digestion and now this is contributing to poorer digestion. I am the sole bread earner of the family. I lost my work due to floods and now I'm unemployed. Who will pay the expenses for this?" asks Vaishnavi, a 35 year old street vendor.

"I urge the government and authorities to aid us. A little help at this point would be a relief."

The roads have come apart and people are using the railways. Water levels have increased tremendously, causing turmoil. While rescue teams are doing their best the situation is unfortunate and demands urgent attention.