Where does any Indian woman go in case of imminent danger? The police you say? Oh no! Never. For they themselves will unleash the culprits on you!

The local administration you say? Oh no! Never. For they are hand in glove with the perpetrators! The state government you say? Oh no! They always look the other way. For they care not for others, but themselves.

The NCW (National Commission for Women) you say? Oh no! They have blinkers on and don’t care about women and their issues!

The ruling government then? Oh no! They are not concerned about women issues or matters of rape or lynching or murder or arson or killings or assault or abuse. These are trivial matters for them.

The crux of the matter is that we are individually responsible for ‘Beti Bachao’. Save the daughters, from our own leaders and policy makers and people in power, as evil lurks within them. For them it is only a slogan to throw in the air, and bounce around.

The words: “Those who cannot ensure peace in the state have no right to govern,”have come back to bite and haunt. Are the top leaders so heartless that we cannot even see an iota of shame or regret on their faces for what has happened in our country? Indeed, they are. Shameless to the core.

The shocking tragedies taking place in Manipur should be a wakeup call to all of us, especially those who support a regime that has allowed this to happen. If your conscience allows you to support such a government you are no friend of mine.

I would in fact call you despicable to your face. You disgust me further if you even try and reason out or justify why this has happened. The apathy of such an insensitive and inhumane government is appalling.

The Indian woman is angry, her stomach is churning. She is sick of the lack of empathy around her. She is sick of the crimes around her and the fact that no one is held accountable for them.

A large number are scared and won’t speak up. But there are many voices that will not be silenced and will question and ask and have an opinion and not be subjugated.

Oh Rise… You brave Indian Woman and fight against this sickening environment around you. Fight against the patriarchy and misogyny that you are subjected to on a daily basis.

We all have that inner ‘Shakti’, that fierce warrior within us that needs to be unleashed. It is we who are collectively responsible for change. This is the time for us to destroy demonic forces and restore balance and not be silenced.

We have the power to stand with total courage and conviction and not be afraid! The Indian Woman’s spirit is indefatigable to the core!