Graphic novels, comic books, and cartoons have efficiently popularised unconventional views and narratives, Orijit Sen and Samarth have used this well in 'Gang of 20', a satirical comic book on the G20 Summit that is going to take place in India, in 2023. Orijit and Samarth present an alternative viewpoint in comparison to the mainstream media which is going to push a dazzling story.

Comic books can show things that cannot be said and narrate experiences by juxtaposing words and pictures. The authors, therefore, decided to work with anthropomorphic characters converting complex things like the G20 Summit, Global leaders and their discussions which almost sound as if they are on an extravagant vacation, and the concerns of the protestors, into satire. 'Group of Twenty (G20)' is called the 'Gang of 20' by the authors.

Orijit Sen and Samarth show us the rigid dichotomy between the global leaders inside the venue and the protestors outside it. The looming issue of 'climate change' and 'refugees' is also brought to the reader, alongside the bogus 'greener future' promises. The Prime Minister of Israel is also shown silently discussing arms and ammunition with the host.

Throughout the comic book, you will notice the deliberate use of colours. The colour purple in the background of the global leaders suggests their royalty, and again it is used to

represent climate change. Yellow symbolises the protestors, and brown is a voice of those close to nature.

The authors name the venue as Chai-Pani lake, hinting at the change of names and christening ceremony that is a trend. The common man is also forced to be a refugee and a migrant due to displacement. 'Gang of 20' makes the reader think.

Title: Gang of 20

Authors: Orijit Sen and Samarth

Editor: Sonal Raghuvanshi

Publisher: Centre for Financial Accountability, New Delhi

Pages: 32

Carlos Luis is a freelance journalist from Goa.