Fantasy Cricket is no longer a fantasy. Technological innovations and the unprecedented availability of smartphones and smart devices have brought Cricket enthusiasts much closer to their dreams. While most of these Cricket fans might not have got the chance to play for the National team, online Fantasy games enabled by Fantasy Cricket platforms have certainly offered them the stage to hone and showcase their skills.

The concept of Fantasy Cricket is just a few decades old. However, in a short span, this has garnered quite a lot of fanfare. The fantasy Cricket competitions are not as easy to win as earlier. The stake has risen, and Fantasy Cricket enthusiasts need all the ammunition they need to win their dream Fantasy leagues. So, this article is dedicated to those Cricket enthusiasts and aims at equipping them with some of the Fantasy Cricket winning tips that have been time-tested and proven their mettle.

Let's get started!

Key Fantasy Cricket Winning Tips

When it comes to Fantasy Cricket or any other online fantasy games, you will come across millions of informative articles on the nuances of the games and secret winning strategies.

Next, we will take you through some of the standard best practices and winning tips that will dictate your Fantasy Cricket success trajectory.

Tip #1 - Choose The Right Platform

Who does not wish to win BIG in online fantasy games, such as Fantasy Cricket? But to win, one has to strategise well and execute them effectively. The first step in playing Fantasy Cricket and winning is choosing the right Fantasy Cricket platform. Considering the wide-scale popularity, you will find innumerable mobile Fantasy Cricket apps at your fingertips, each complete with promises of BIG WINS. However, not all apps are right for you. Choose the right platform after conducting thorough research on the platform and understanding the nuances, terms, and conditions. This will help you WIN BIG and WIN RIGHT and also cash in on your rewards effortlessly.

Tip #2 - Rely On Your Research

When it comes to online fantasy games, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Winning at Fantasy Cricket games requires optimum research, decision-making and analytical skills, and a truckload of research capabilities too. Keep a tab on recent team formats, opt for the venue, pitch report analysis, and other key aspects, and you can bank on these research insights to shape your Fantasy Cricket strategy.

Tip #3 - Choose The Right Fantasy Cricket Team

This is one of the key Fantasy Cricket winning tips, and it's applicable for the veteran and Fantasy Cricket newbies. You need to keep in mind that your Fantasy Cricket success relies on how your selected team members perform on the pitch in real time. So, getting the right batsmen, bowlers, and fielders guided by proficient Captains can help you taste success at Fantasy Cricket.

Tip #4 - Get More Wicket-Takers Than Batsmen

This tip may seem a cliche. However, this holds the key to success in Fantasy Cricket. While your batsmen can score runs for your team, it's the wicket-takers who can gear your team to win. Wondering how? Here is the cue. As per Fantasy Cricket gaming rules, bowlers who take wickets extra points while batsmen have to score more or faster to obtain those points. Now, you know the trick and leverage the same to accelerate your chances of success in Fantasy Cricket games.

Tip #5 - Also, Prefer All-rounders

Batsmen vs Wicket-takers - this debate is a never-ending one. While some of you may prefer to have more reliable batsmen on the fantasy team so that you can stack up a massive score in front of your competitor. Some of you may wish to go by the 'more wicket-takers on the team' tip, as mentioned above. To be on the safer side, you may choose all-rounders on your team who can bat, bowl, and grab wickets for your team as the situation demands.

Tip #6 - Tweak Your Team After The Toss

Joining contests early is advised in Fantasy Cricket. Why? Because it helps you make insight-driven and judicious team selection decisions. It all depends on the pitch, the Cricket format, weather conditions and never-the-less, the toss. While you have ample time to select your team beforehand, you can tweak your team even after the toss.

And, unlike real games where a select team of 11 can play on the ground, in Fantasy Cricket, you can have multiple teams that are different from each other. Even if you might lose with one of the teams, your hope to win with the next team still remains intact.

Tip #7 - Have Patience and Perseverance

No matter whether you are naive or a pro at Fantasy Cricket, some matches may surprise you with the way they turn out. Patience and perseverance are the keys here. Don't expect to win all the matches, and don't get disappointed with consecutive losses. All you need to do is capture the mistakes and learnings from each game and implement them in the upcoming games to boost your chances of success.

Wrapping Up

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