Could it be that a new coach and a new captain is going to make all the difference to the team's fortune? How soon could we see some good results? Does England have what it takes to go all the way after they made some critical decisions that cost them dearly in the past? If you look at the manner that England chased down their target of 299 with 50 overs, you will see that this happened on the final day of the test match. The impact of the new coach and captain duo has helped England to change their way of thinking and it has also helped them to win at the Nottingham test match too.

Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

Coach and Captain Connection

If you look at online cricket betting in India you will soon see that it has rocketed in recent years and that this England setup is going to be completely different to the ones that have been seen before. Why? It's because the England players are playing their best game right now and the New Zealand team did not have their skipper, or a few other major players available. England baffled every single person who was a fan of cricket with their team selection too. They did not pick Stuart Broad, and they also did not pick James Anderson either. This proved to be a huge mistake and it was pointed out many times before the first ball was even bowled. Not to pick out any bowlers, who between them all had well over 1200 wickets under their collective belts, but it was an awful blunder that would go on to cost them dear.

England's Theory about Winning

So, it would seem that England's cricket has been somewhat obsessed with theories that are not usually very practical. When you look at McCullum and Stokes, you will see that they were both from New Zealand and this could be their concern. Going out with the best team possible and then playing every ball on merit rather than having a theory of how best to play could end up meaning that England have a very clear mind, and this could give them a positive result, which has resulted in and change in outlook and odds according to online cricket betting in India statistics.

That being said, there is no way to predict this and even though England have taken chances before, it is important to know that they have not always paid off, as mentioned above. It is worth noting that England are actually going to be playing at home and that they are going to be playing in similar conditions. The weather is going to be good, and it is going to see how well they face off against India. Are they going to be able to overcome the challenges that they face or are they going to struggle in the long run? It is not known what is going to happen, but one thing is for sure, England are all too happy to shake things up a little bit.