Concerned citizens of Nepal have expressed their “pain and concern regarding the loss of life and property in Manipur, constituent state of the Indian Republic which is seeing rage between members of the majority Meitei and minority Kuki communities”.

They signed a statement to express that in the continuing violence that has claimed over 180 lives and left many more wounded, “the state as well as Central governments of India have not lived up to their responsibility to protect human rights in Manipur, ensure law and order, and promote mediation efforts among the warring sides”.

The Nepal citizens have called for an “urgent need for democratic intervention.” They state that “countries of South Asia are populated by multiple and cross-cutting identities. The provinces and sub-units are predominantly multi-lingual and multi-ethnic, the result of historical movement of peoples and more recent demarcations and migrations”.

The citizens of Nepal stated that “under such circumstances, the first obligation of the elected government is to ensure human security and inclusion, mindful that protection of minority rights is key to democracy.

“When those in authority abandon responsibilities resulting in escalation of violence in any part of South Asia, the duty of citizens everywhere is to speak up, including from neighbouring countries. As citizens of Nepal, we recognise the historical marginalisation of communities of mountain, hill and plain within our own society, and this impels us to recognise and express concern over what is happening in Manipur.”

They alleged that they see “national administrators using the ‘divide-and-rule’ tactic inherited from colonial times, cynically deploying the ‘communal card’ for political gain, and relying on the armed forces – all of which keeps frustrations bottled up. The situation becomes more complex when a frontier area sees influx of refugees, as has happened in Manipur following the February 2021 coup in Myanmar.”

They added that the “multi-cultural peace in India as well as South Asia as a whole is endangered when governing mechanisms and elected officials fail in due diligence, as clearly happening in Manipur.”

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