As Israel continues to pound Gaza with intense air strikes that have killed over 18,000 people, so far, civil societies globally are collectively finding ways to protest so that their respective political leaders can demand a ceasefire in Gaza.

On Monday, Palestinian organisations and grassroot activists called for a worldwide strike demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Israel has been bombing Gaza Strip continuously for the past two months that has left the people devastated and broken. The world is witnessing the horror of genocide, described in demonstrations as a second Holocaust.

Here is a glimpse of Monday’s strike from different parts of the world:

A general strike is observed in all West Bank cities in protest against the Israeli war on Gaza./ (WAFA Images / Ahmad Mizher)

In the West Bank, a local strike was called by the national and Islamic forces, paralyzed all aspects of life, including public transportation, education, the financial sector, shops, and all sorts of businesses, amid calls from mass protests in all cities.

Empty streets during general strike in support of Gaza at Beirut, Lebanon./ Photo Credit: TRT

What was the global strike? People were urged to skip school and work. Additionally, people stayed home, and did not go to restaurants, banks and stores. They also refrained from making any online transactions or shopping online.

In an Instagram post, Palestinian filmmaker Bisan Owda called for a strike from “economic life and daily movement”. Like Owda, many activists and organisations from Palestine and elsewhere made similar posts on different social media platforms, some using the hashtag #StrikeForGaza.

A man walks in Jerusalem's Old City amid a commercial strike observed in the city calling for a ceasefire in Gaza on December 11./ (MEE/Latifeh Abdellatif)

A shop that was closed as part of the global strike on December 11./ (MEE/Latifeh Abdellatif)

As many shops were seen shut, massive protests took place in various parts of the world.

Palestinians carry a list of Palestinian victims of the latest war in Gaza during a rally in Ramallah on December 11./ [Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP]

Protest at Wisconsin, U.S. on December 11 as part of the global strike./ Photo by Omar Waheed.

Jewish elders’ chain themselves to the White House gate in protest of Israel's war in Gaza on December 11 as part of the global strike./ [Photo courtesy of Jewish Voice for Peace]

Moroccans protest in Rabat on December 10, 2023 in solidarity with the Palestinians amid Israel's relentless bombardment of Gaza./ Photo credit: Al Majalla

People hold Palestinian flags during a pro-Palestinian rally in central Copenhagen, Denmark December 10, 2023./ Photo courtesy: Al Majalla

Protest in solidarity with Palestine in Kochi, India on December 10./ Photo credit: Afthab Hashim

Protest in Kochi, India as part of The Solidarity Movement on December 10./ Photo Credit: Vishnu Nandan

People have not only been demanding a ceasefire, but a permanent solution to the violence and occupation that Palestinians have been subjected to for decades. While many believe the world now stands divided, others feel the solution will only come after a humanitarian ceasefire.