November 23. “It’s like a trap closing in on them. My heart has stopped beating. This dirty war must end,” he murmured

“A terrifying massacre and unspeakable scenes. What the Israeli occupation did inside Kamal Adwan Hospital is a horrific crime against citizens and medical staff. Dozens of displaced, sick and wounded people were buried alive. The occupation bulldozers trampled the tents of the displaced people in the hospital yard and brutally crushed them.” Anas al-Sharif, December 16

Israa Jaabis, December 13,

“The occupation took some cameras and erased part of the videos, but there were so many cameras it wasn’t possible to erase everything.

“Anyway, in the Palestinian’s memory, everything is imprinted from the beginning of the occupation until the end of the occupation.”

“I captured these photos during the slaughter we are going through, trying to find some moments of peace, I’m still trying hard not to lose hope, I trust Allah, and I really believe this were all destined.

“I really think there is still some hope, I know we don’t guarantee to live until morning, we could die in any moment and I or we are not afraid of that, but I really miss the simple things, the simple life we used to live, I miss my friends, and the ones who are gone, I will never forget our little talks and ambitions, I will tell all your stories my friends.

“I don’t know how or when it will end, but yeah, this is who we are I guess, and I’m just reminding myself of who I used to be and what I used to do.” Suhail Nssar, December 13

Photographs Suhail Nssar, Belal Khaled, Fatima Shbair, Pablo Vera

Poem Ali Ahmad Said Adunees