Peaceful protest marches against the ongoing military action and bombing by Israel that has targeted civilians, including children in Gaza, have continued across the world over the weekend. Thousands of people came together in various cities across the globe, and marched in solidarity with the innocent Palestinians caught in the Israel-Hamas war.

Massive protests were held in the Middle East, New York, London, Manchester, Dublin, Rome, India, Geneva, Turin, Morocco, South Africa, Istanbul and other places. According to Al Jazeera (AJ), “thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in the US capital on Saturday, marching past the White House to chants of “Free Palestine” as the death toll continued to climb in the conflict between Israel and Hamas”.

Many protests were also initiated, and attended by Jews from across the world, stating that they too stood with Palestine and for peace.

Pro-Palestinian protests were also held in “Los Angeles, New York and Dearborn, Michigan – home to one of the largest populations of Arabs and Arab diaspora in the United States” stated the AJ report.

Rallies were also reported from Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow in addition to the massive mark in London. According to the AJ the rally in London took place “amid police warnings that anyone showing support for the armed group Hamas could face arrest. Protesters marching through the heart of the British capital were shadowed by a heavy police presence of more than 1,000 officers.”

Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched in central London on Saturday, stated news reports. Videos showed a massive crowd marching peacefully, and calling for an end to Israel's aggressive bombing in the Gaza Strip. According to Reuters reports, the London protest march travelled across the city centre towards Downing Street, where British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s official residence is situated.

According to news shared on social media, the “Italian police on Friday brutally suppressed pro-Palestinian protestors in #Rome using batons”.

In New Delhi, a solidarity protest was organised on Saturday, by the All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation, Delhi State Committee, and was joined by members of AIDWA, SFI, AIKS among other organisations.

The protesters, at the various rallies, held the Palestinian flag aloft and carried “Free Palestine”, “We Are With Palestine, and other signs and demanded an end to the Israeli bombings on the Gaza Strip, stated multiple news reports in Al Jazeera, Reuters and other leading media outlets reporting on the continuing war.

On Sunday, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted on X that his country was “ deeply concerned by the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip”. He asked that “international law, including humanitarian and human rights law”, be respected.

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign called for an “Emergency solidarity rally in support of the Palestinian people,” on Sunday, October 15. In New Delhi, a citizen’s vigil has been called in solidarity with the people of Palestine on October 16.